What is the MARK IT?

A simple, but ingenious template that allows the user to accurately install almost any shade in very little time with consistency and accuracy. It can be used to install a variety of different shades from all manufacturers.  Use this tool to quickly determine the location of the mounting brackets and the screws which secure them. By marking the precise location for the mounting screws, the installer is now able to use both hands in tandem holding the bracket, screw and driver during the attachment process. No more misaligned brackets, wasted time and dropped hardware.

Why have the MARK IT in your tool box?

In today’s world, we all know the importance of increasing accuracy and decreasing time and labor to get a job done. Employ the MARK IT template and you will soon appreciate its simplicity and utility.  Dramatically decrease the amount of time you spend installing shades in your home or those of your clients.  This tool will pay for itself over and over, not only monetarily but through personal and client satisfaction.

Professional Window Covering Installers

As a professional trades person, you always appreciate tools and tips from colleagues, especially those that will increase your effectiveness and efficiency, as this results in increased profits and client satisfaction.  Pair this with safer work practices at the top of a ladder and you immediately see the advantages of using the MARK IT in your daily work.

The MARK IT allows you to quickly determine the mounting depth of a blind or shade and its brackets, resulting in a window covering precisely mounted where you want it. Repeat the process for each bracket and each shade will mount evenly in the window opening. Repeat the process for all shades in a client’s home producing a beautiful and consistent look throughout.

When multiple employees are working to install shades, using the MARK IT will eliminate any differences between individual installers. Each employee can now replicate accurate bracket placement for a truly professional result. Our precisely crafted templates ensure screw locator marks are consistent, yielding the same result each time, among all users.

It’s important to work quickly and accurately, but it is just as important to work safely, on the floor or at the top of a ladder.  The MARK IT provides installers with a tool that is light weight, easy to carry and hold in one hand, freeing the second to mark the precise locale of a bracket’s mounting screw.  With a mark in place, two hands can be used to safely attach a bracket, minimizing the chance of dropped hardware or tools. Work quickly, accurately and safely with MARK IT.

Versatility is a hallmark of the MARK IT.  Whether you are installing Springs Window Fashions, Hunter Douglas, Shade-o-matic, Alta, or Norman Shades product, the MARK IT can be used to achieve a professional mount quickly and easily.  Inside mount or outside mount, this highly adaptable tool can be used to achieve consistent and accurate bracket location. Quickly transfer mounting screw location from one end of a shade to the opposing end, and to any number of mid-mounted brackets.  Be consistent and accurate while saving time across manufacturers and mounting styles, be versatile with MARK IT.


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Our Background

As a shade company owner and installer, I know the importance of working quickly, accurately and safely when installing window coverings in my clients’ homes – all factors which result in increased profits and client satisfaction. It did not take long to realize the use of a tape measure to pin-point the location of a mounting screw for a shade bracket was cumbersome, time-consuming and especially difficult at the top of a ladder. The solution: a simple, but versatile template called, the

Features and Benefits

The MARK IT template allows the user to:

  • Quickly replicate the mounting points within a window frame and throughout the entire home.
  • Provide an easy means of marking mounting screw locations within the window frame.
  • Using with a variety of different mounting brackets and shades, within and across manufacturers.
  • Quickly determine the bracket mounting depth needed to achieve the desired placement of a shade within the window frame.
  • Produce a target point for screw placement, allowing the installer the freedom to hold the screw, bracket and driver in tandem with both hands for accurate, trouble free, andcomfortable installation.